Chain and Sprocket

UNO Minda offers a wide range of chain & sprocket to fit the varying need of the customers. The products are manufactured to ensure maximum power transmission to the wheel with maximum efficiency.

Transmission Accuracy

High quality Quadra Rivet Chain for a quicker response and better accuracy in power transmission.

Enhanced Life

Vacuum greased lubrication clubbed with corrosion resistant coating to reduce chain wear & enhance the life.

Smooth Operation

The alloy steel sprockets are manufactured on high accuracy CNC machines followed by trivalent coating to ensure high precision & smoother operation.

Quadra rivet chain High transmission accuracy Shorter response time
Vacuum Greased Long life Resistance to wear
Pre-loaded chains High resistance to loading
Alloy steel sprocket Sequential Furnace tempering Reliable performance & longer life
High precision CNC machine manufactured Smooth operation & transmission
8-16 Micron Trivalent coating Corrosion resistance