Braking System


Disc Brakes, once considered the simplest part of the car had gradually converted to the most sophisticated system of the vehicle. The new generation cars come equipped with the high precision and electronically controlled braking system to enhance the driver & passengers’ safety.

We at UNO Minda ensures that you receive the highest quality Non-Asbestos brake pads to not only ensure safe stopping distance, but also higher performance by utilising world class materials & engineering technology. UNO Minda brake pads also cares about the health of the user and thus provides only Non-Asbestos brake pads reducing chances of health & respiratory hazards.


UNO Minda brake shoes are committed to provide you with excellent stability. UNO Minda brake pads undergo extensive and rigid tests in the laboratory and over the road. They have an excellent overall ratting with a stable, coefficient of friction and low wear, over a wide range of operating temperature and speeds.


UNO Minda is committed to provide Low wear Commercial Vehicle brake linings, which ensure longer life along with superior water resistance & higher coefficient of friction and enhanced speed sensitivity.

100% Non-Asbestos
  • Environment friendly
  • Adhering to government Norms
Low Steel Pad (as recommended by OE)
  • Better efficiency under high temperature and adverse working conditions
  • Increased work life
  • Minimised impact on rotor
High-tech materials with enhanced chemical properties
  • Corrosion resistance, sturdiness & enhanced performance
  • Excellent stopping power
  • Safety assured